Telegram Bot

A user guide to trade with our Telegram bot

1) Find @FinchtradeBot in Telegram

2) Tap “Start” to initiate the process

3) Follow the instructions from the system message

4) We will process your request and inform you accordingly once the setup is completed on our end.

5) Once you’re all set up, you can choose “Trade” from Menu

6) You may choose a pair you’re willing to trade

7) Once you choose a pair you will be provided with a quote for a basic trade size. To conclude a trade just tap the respective button. You can either accept the quote and proceed with Buy or Sell, or Cancel the quote.

8) To adjust the quote size just send the new size in the chat

9) Once you conclude a trade you will receive confirmation in the chat and the updated positions

10) If you have open positions, you can request settlement by tapping the corresponding button on the screen or in the Menu. Our operations team will receive the request and proceed accordingly.

Reminder: you need to settle your positions first so we could deliver our positions to you.

11) You may request trades history by tapping the relevant button in the menu. You will receive the last 30 days' history in the chat and the full history to your email.

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