Quick start

This is a brief guide to help you with the onboarding process from passing our KYC to making your first trade.

1. KYC

As a financial intermediary and a member of VQF, FinchTrade follows anti-money laundering laws and regulations with client identification being the central part. Thus, every client needs to pass our KYC check prior to being able to trade.

An authorised representative needs to follow the process (detailed explanation):

  1. creating an account on finchtrade.com

  2. filling out the questionnaire and attaching the necessary documents

  3. passing mobile verification via SMS

  4. passing online video identification

For more details please visit this page.

2. Set limits

As we do not require pre-funding, you are able to sell an asset without owning it, i.e., short selling is allowed. However, you can only do it within the trading limit.

Contact us to agree on trading limits. We usually start with a smaller value to tune the process but we are ready to review it once our business relationship is growing. Read more

3. Trade

Now you can make your first trade. To do so you need to connect to our institutional-grade technology via API or GUI. Read more

4. Verify your wallet

Before withdrawing your crypto assets, you will need to verify your wallet. See Satoshi test.

5. Settle

Once you make your first trade or trades, you will see the resulting open (unsettled) positions in the assets you traded. Your open positions are visible on our web portal.

Please note we need to whitelist your blockchain addresses in advance in order to deliver a digital asset to you without delays.

Our post-trade settlement is automated, thus, we can settle 24/7 in most cases. Read more

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