How can I make a trade?

Once our KYC/AML checks are passed, you can either make trades with our Telegram bot or become a user of one of the third-party software solutions we use. It is free of charge.

Of course, we will make an introduction. Then you will be able to login to the website or use the API connection to execute an order.

What is your work schedule?

24/7. You may access digital assets and crypto liquidity around the clock.

Do you have a voice desk? Can I trade via Telegram?

No, we focus solely on low-touch interaction with our trading parties.

However, for those who prefer Telegram, we have developed a trading chatbot - try the test bot right now!

How competitive your prices are?

If you would like to compare our spreads of selected trading pairs with centralised crypto exchanges, please visit FM Pulse.

What is firm liquidity?

FinchTrade provides only firm liquidity. It means that once your aggressive order hits our passive order, they are matched without any delay or optionality. In contrast to firm liqudity, there is last look liquidity (Wikipedia). When you send an order against the quoted price, such an LP may

  • hold the request for some time,

  • execute the trade (fill) at the price quoted,

  • offer an alternative price (requote), or

  • decline to trade (reject).

Do you have last look?

As mentioned above, we have neither last look (the right to reject your order) nor holding times.

Are there any fees?

No trading fees, no hidden costs. Get the price you see.

However, you are in charge of your settlement costs such as a network fee or a commission that your bank may charge you.

How do you make money?

We do not charge setup or settlement fees. Our margin is derived from the bid/ask spread. There is no “last look” or price slippage. The price quoted is the price you pay with no extra hidden costs.

Where do you derive your liquidity from?

We are connected to both centralised exchanges and OTC desks and are constantly adding new integrations. This enables us to offer deeper liquidity and tighter spreads. You may learn more about our liquidity aggregation model here.

Do I need to integrate with other liquidity providers such as Genesis, Galaxy, Woorton or Wintermute to benefit from deeper liquidity?

As we are already connected to a number of liquidity sources, you will benefit from considerable aggregated liquidity via a single connection to FinchTrade which is more than enough for most clients’ needs.

How can you offer such good rates compared to other OTCs and exchanges?

We do 'high volume - low margin' business. We only serve larger clients and institutions in volume which brings costs down due to economies of scale. We benefit from our trading volume and get better fee tiers on centralised crypto exchanges. Besides, we are keen on automation and have streamlined API-driven processes.

Do you enable overnight positions?

By default, we prefer T+0 settlement. However, we are pretty flexible and our trading system allows convenient tracking of net open positions. Ask for further details.

Do you just give us a single price? Or do you have an order book?

FinchTrade quotes several levels, i.e., an order book.

Is there a minimum trade (ticket) amount?

No, there is not. You can do a trade of 1 satoshi.

Is there a minimum settlement amount?

Yes, there are different min settlement amounts depending on an asset. In a time of market volatility and higher network fees, the minimum settlement amount for blockchain-based assets is higher and may vary from $1 000 to $25 000.

What assets/pairs do you have?

Currently, we quote 20+Coins and 50+ pairs. However, we are connected to major exchanges and can easily add more instruments upon request.

Among stable coins, there are DAI, USDT (ERC20 & TRC20), and USDC.

We trade neither anonymous coins nor coins with privacy features, as they exceed our risk appetite and contradict our Coin Risk Assessment Policy.

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