What is a trading limit?

We do not require pre-funding, thus, you are able to sell an asset without owing it (short selling). However, you can only do it within a trading limit. During the onboarding, we assess your financials and establish an appropriate trading limit. Our default limit starts from 100K EUR.

Do I need to post collateral?

In some cases, we require a partial prepayment to guarantee the future settlement. For instance, if we agreed on the trading limit of 1M EUR, you need to send us 250K EUR.

Can I get my prepayment back?

Yes, of course. If you have changed your mind and have not made a trade, you can get the prepayment back at any time. However, please bear in mind that your limit will be reduced accordingly.

How much prepayment do you require?

Depending on your financial situation, FinchTrade will ask for 0-30% of the gross limit. For example, if the gross limit is $1M, then the pre-funding will be $200-300k. (You can learn more about open positions & limits here).

Should I have a prepayment for each trading pair separately?

No need to have a prepayment per asset (in contrast to centralized exchanges). For example, you may send us USD to be able to trade ETH/BTC.

Do you provide any credit?

You can sell short without coverage (e.g., even if you do not have BTC, you can still sell BTC). However, all trading is done within trading limits.

Besides, we usually ask you to settle first. If you have bought 10 BTC for 500K EUR, you will need to deliver euro first and then we will send you bitcoins.

Could you bump up the limit in case of network delays?

In rare cases when there is a network delay or a similar situation, FinchTrade can increase limits temporarily to enable uninterrupted trading.

How much liquidity can we see in the order book?

It depends on the trading limits that we have agreed upon.

If your trading gross limit is $1M, you will be able to see liquidity of $1M in all order books ($1M ask orders and $1M bid orders). If you then buy some BTC for $150k USDC, you will be able to see liquidity of $850K in all order books (that is $1M - $150k). If you then settle this position (you send $150k USDC and get BTCs), you will again see $1M liquidity.

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