Transaction monitoring

AML monitoring of crypto & fiat transactions

AML monitoring

Our system thoroughly monitors all shareholders and key personnel of your client and detects if they are:
  • Global sanctions list
  • Politically exposed persons (PEP) list
  • In other custom watch-lists
  • You will be notified immediately if the client status changes
AML transaction monitoring is provided by SumSub.

Blockchain transaction monitoring

When one transaction or thousands of them come, they are checked in real-time by the multi-factor risk matrix to produce the final risk score:
  • Daily/monthly limit per a client
  • Payment country risk for fiat and crypto transactions
  • Suspicious patterns matching
  • Blockchain transaction score and implied risk-factors. A risk score is calculated based on the share of high-risk sources associated with the transaction (examples are known hacks, scams, child abuse, gambling etc.)
  • Company-related custom risks
Blockchain transaction monitoring is provided by ScoreChain.
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