Web-based KYC & KYB
FinchGuard offers a smooth and quick way to onboard your clients in compliance with regulatory requirements.
The system is designed to collect necessary company and shareholders data for verification:
  • A client fills in various forms and questionnaires
  • A client's identity may be verified in many ways:
    • SMS identification
    • Video identification
    • Video-selfie
    • Photo-selfie
Online client onboarding
Online verification for your clients
The main features are as follows:
  • KYC / KYB

    Seamless onboarding of both retail and business customers
  • Wallet verification
    Check easily the ownership of the blockchain wallets
  • Automated workflow
    No more paperwork - gather and check documents online
  • Data protection
    Store your client data in a secure manner
  • Custom statuses
    Create your own workflow according to your needs
  • External integrations
    Use SumSub for KYC checks or choose another provider